Want to transfer ANZ Business Reward Points to different Frequent Flyer accounts?

As an ANZ Business Rewards customer you can now transfer your ANZ Business Rewards points to multiple individual Frequent Flyer accounts. Your ANZ Business Reward Points may only be redeemed for the benefit of a cardholder with an ANZ Business Rewards account. The beneficiary of the ANZ Business Reward Points must be a member of the nominated frequent flyer program to ensure that the redemption of ANZ Business Reward Points is not rejected by the nominated frequent flyer program.

It's Easy;

  1. Click here to log into the Rewards account.
  2. Once you are logged into your account, the Point’s Earner or Rewards Administrator can download and complete the online form*
  3. All pages of the completed form can be:
    Scanned and emailed to: info@businessrewards.anz.com
    Faxed to: (02) 9352 3276
  4. Successful transfers will be completed as per the chosen frequent flyer program's minimum transfers and terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

* 'Points Earner' means a Cardholder who has been nominated to have a Points Record established in their name, or, if no such Cardholders are nominated, the Principal. ‘Rewards Administrator' means a person who is authorised in writing by an authorised signatory on the Account to manage and transact on a Points Record, including to redeem any Reward Points held in the Principal's name as instructed by the Principal.